How to easily setup IPython Console in QGIS (for Windows).

If you’re here then you already know why using Jupyter Notebook in QGIS is a great idea.

So I’ll go straight to the point.

Before we go, there’s another solution here but this article is way easier than that.

(Install the Ipython plugin in QGIS)

Open QGIS and Install the IPython Plugin. If you’re new to QGIS or QGIS plugins read this tutorial to get up and running.

The IPython plugin requires qtconsole and Jupyter to be installed on your machine. I’ll show you the easiest way to install these dependencies.

Run OSGeo4W Shell as an Administrator

Run OSGeo4W shell as an administrator. I’m not sure if administrative privileges is necessary though. This shell should be in the folder QGIS adds to your desktop after installation.

Next, run the following lines in the shell:

python -m pip install qtconsole

python -m pip install qtconsole

python -m pip install jupyter==1.0.0

python -m pip install jupyter==1.0.0

Mind the double equal sign. Also, ensure you’re connected to the internet.

Open a IPython console in QGIS

Navigate to Menu >> Plugins >> IPython QGIS Console. Select either of Docked or Windowed depending on your preference and, voila, you’re ready to use Jupyter Notebook with QGIS.



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